1. Qualification to Join: This promo is intended for consumers only

BUY: Coca-Cola products from participating Sari-Sari Stores


MULTI-SERVE ONLY (Returnable Glass Bottle RGB)


Coca-Cola Regular


Coca-Cola Regular



Ibalik ang cap at bote para makakuha ng 3 php off sa susunod na Coca-Cola Kasalo (750ml) / Litro (1L) RGB (contents only)

⚫ EXCHANGE: The instant discount cap at participating Sari-Sari Stores.


VENUES and DATES of PROMO: Venues and dates for claiming the Coca-Cola instant discount are stated in the promo materials, Social Networking Sites and the Coca-Cola official website. The redemption venues are the participating/redemption Sari-Sari Stores nationwide

1. Claiming of the Coca-Cola instant P3 Discount item is from Jan 8,2017 – March 5, 2017. Redemption until May 4 only. Claiming after this date will not be honored.


⚫ Promo Start date January 8, 2017

⚫ Promo End Date: March 5,2017

⚫ Media Launch: January 7, 2017


⚫ Consumer buys a bottle of Coca-Cola 750mL/ 1L in Returnable Glass Bottles at Sari-Sari Stores

⚫ Consumer should look for the YELLOW CAP and check if the caps states “P3 OFF sa susunod na Kasalo/Litro”

⚫ Consumer presents yellow cap with “P3 OFF sa susunod na Kasalo/Litro” and an empty Kasalo/Litro bottle to any participating Sari-Sari Store

⚫ Redeeming consumer will sign-up in the claiming form for monitoring purposes.

⚫ One (1) Consumer can redeem as many P3 Discount on their next Coke 750mL/1L bottles in a day but only one P3 Discount cap can be used for each 750mL/1L bottle purchased.

4. The Coca-Cola P3 Discount yellow cap must not be lost, tampered, defaced, mutilated or destroyed beyond fair recognition as this will be grounds for disqualification. Participating redemption centers will verify the authenticity of the caps before claiming. Uncrimped caps will also not be honored.

5. The instant discount for Coca-Cola 750ml/ 1L RGB only covers the content. Actual glass bottle must be returned to the Sari-Sari Store.

6. Consumers who avail of the Coca-Cola P3 instant discount agree to be bound by the promo rules, and by all decisions made by Coca-Cola Far East Limited (CCFEL) on all matters related to this promotion. 

7. CCFEL reserves the right to change and/or substitute the instant discount worth for redemption with items of equal or greater value. CCFEL’s decisions on all matters relating to this promo shall be final.

8. Employees of CCFEL, CCFEMSA, and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining this promotion.

9. CCFEL reserves the right to conduct verification process before redemption of the instant prize. Tampered yellow caps which are uncrimped, as proof of purchase will be disqualified. Consumer who redeem but who fail the verification process will also be disqualified from redemption. All decisions made by CCFEL on all matters related to this promotion are final.

10. For more information, contact the customer care.